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the final performance

the benefit show was great. nick and tyler came out with looks on thier faces like they were sort of annoyed though. they opened with for members only, then my ricochet, then a bunch of other songs from pollyanna. as far as i can remember they played every other song off of pollyanna except for pollyanna, rocket city, and digital me. they played between horns and halos for the first time ever live. very very good. i was kindof dissapointed about the lack of material from is this thing loaded (they only played my ricochet and broken parachute) but its all good. and despite numerous people shouting "dont break up" nick told me after the show taht this will absolutely definetly be the last time they will ever be playing northstar songs :(

the look of annoyance seemed to vanish off nick's face as they got deeper into the set, and he even began cracking a few jokes. the whole show had such a sad tone to it that it really made me want to cry. the theater was much darker tahn it was for kevin devine and straylight run, and nick's voice was a bit deeper than usual. it was almost like a funeral.

they played two new songs, which were great too. afterwards i talked to nick about the solo stuff and why they broke up etc. he said that he was basically "tired of playing the same shit" <--- his exact words lol. he also said that the new stuff will be a bit more "mature" perhaps they will have a few more acostic songs, and that gabe will probably be joining him and tyler. so basically, i think this is good news for the most part!

i also have a video of the first 2 minutes or so of "for members only" from the show but my friends camera died before the song could finish. :( i'll post it if someone can tell me how. thanks :)

r.i.p. northstar. but for good now.
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